Set your own safety zone on beaches this Summer

As we move from the very prescriptive but clear we stay at home across the safety bridge  we will now be guided by the principles of the HAM, namely;

From Monday 4/5, we leave the house and activate the HAM Plan! Hands (wash), Distances (hold), Masks (wear)! We observe the measures of individual hygiene and protection, we remain responsible, we remain safe!

Why HAM  well it comes from the Greek 

Χέρια (πλένουμε),  – Hands (wash)

Αποστάσεις (κρατάμε), – Distances (hold)

Μάσκες (φοράμε) –  Masks (wear)

This means the onus for decision making is now with us to obey the specific guidelines but also the principles detailed above. Here is an example.

How can one keep the necessary safety distances while on the beach ?

The weather is getting better, the restrictive measures due to coronavirus are being phased out in most countries and the world needs to move to another era: freedom of movement, but again in a strict context. So far, the recommendations of experts say that swimming in the sea will not be the same as what we know.

In Italy, companies have already created projects such as Plexiglas cages for organized beaches, and even in restaurants there is the possibility of eating with a Plexiglas in the middle of the table.
There is, however, a simple but revolutionary and economical idea for the beach
“Four sticks or stakes and a 20-meter rope are enough,” said Marco Boni, president of the Mare Pontino Sabaudia consortium, which brings together the seaside resorts of the Italian region of Mare Pontino. The four stakes are planted in the sand, creating a 5 meter long square. Once the area is demarcated, you can put in an umbrella, your sunbeds and your children’s buckets and you’re done.





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