Seven dead, including two children, in the wreck with refugees in Lesbos

Refugees / eurokinissi Stelios Mininas

Seven dead, including two children, is the tragic account of a shipwreck carrying refugees and migrants, at 7 am today, 2.5 miles out of Pamphylon on Lesbos.

Specifically, their boat arriving battered with refugees and immigrants from Turkey, with most of the refugees not knowing how to swim.

As the local media reported, the plastic boat that the immigrants used to have started from the opposite Turkish coasts, namely the Koutsouk Kougiou area in Ayvalik, at about 2 am, when it was overturned for unknown reasons and panic prevailed.

Immediately in the wreck area rushed all the strength of the Coast Guard and Frontex boats, and Super Puma aircraft, which until now are still attempting to locate any other shipwrecks in the area.

Up to now, 58 people have survived. In the wreck area there were weather conditions, but most of the immigrants did not know how to swim.

Most of the survivors are in a state of shock, and others are asked to recognize their own among the bodies.

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