Several european countries closing border to Britain due to coronavirus mutation in Britain

Panic has erupted in Europe following the discovery of a new coronavirus mutation in various parts of Britain. It has also been found in the Netherlands, Denmark and Australia. Travel bans in the United Kingdom.

The World Health Organization, for its part, said it was in “constant contact” with British officials as the new strain spreads faster than the original form of the coronavirus and is no longer considered deadly.

Also according to the statements of WHO in the BBC the same mutation has also been detected in the Netherlands, Denmark and Australia.

Belgium has announced that it will suspend flights and train services from Britain until midnight on Sunday (01.00 Greek time) after the discovery of the new coronavirus mutation, which is circulating in parts of the British territory, a government official told AFP. .

For his part, Prime Minister Alexander de Croes told VRT that the suspension would last at least 24 hours.

At the same time, Germany is “seriously” considering the possibility of suspending flights from Britain and South Africa after the discovery of a Covid-19 mutation in those countries, a government source told AFP today.

“Air traffic restrictions from Britain and South Africa are a serious choice,” said a source close to the German health ministry, who is currently considering Berlin.

In the same vein is France, which is seriously considering suspending flights and train services from Britain. Official announcements are expected later in the day, according to BFM.

The dance was opened by the Netherlands

The government in the Netherlands suspended all passenger flights from Britain until 1 January following the detection in the tulip country of an outbreak of a new coronavirus mutation in the United Kingdom.

The Dutch Ministry of Health “recommends that any imports of this mutation from the United Kingdom be restricted as much as possible by restricting and / or controlling the movement of passengers from the United Kingdom”.

 The government of Boris Johnson in Britain was forced to impose a new severe lockdown in the region of London and the south-east of England in the face of the launch of Covid-19 cases, which was attributed to a “new strain” of the new coronavirus, which “does not increase the risk But the “contagion” of the epidemic.

“It seems that this (epidemic) spread is now being fueled by a new variant of the virus,” which is transmitted “much more easily”, “up to 70%”, said Boris Johnson during a press conference, but hastened to clarify that nothing indicates that “this variant is more lethal” or reduces the effectiveness of the vaccines.

Labor leader Kir Starmer has strongly criticized the introduction of last-minute restrictive measures, stressing that tougher measures should have been implemented sooner.

Residents must stay in their homes, with limited exceptions. Shops, gyms, recreation areas and personal care centers will close. People should work from home whenever possible. It is forbidden to enter and leave the areas classified in Level 4. Residents of these areas must not spend the night outside their homes. It is allowed to meet only one person from a different household outdoors.

Pubs, restaurants and museums have been closed since last weekend.

Thus, the inhabitants of the British capital and the south-east of England are set on a new level of alarm, at Level 4.

Johnson resisted but… 

Boris Johnson resisted until the last minute, and while the signs of the epidemic were turning red, to the strengthening of restrictive measures and insisted that Christmas must be saved. Authorities had allowed up to three households to meet for five days at Christmas.

Now, every gathering is forbidden in the zones that have been included in Level 4, while in the other areas the festive gatherings will be allowed for only one day, on the 25th of December.

“I have to tell you with a heavy heart that we can not allow Christmas to go as planned,” explained Boris Johnson. “I had no choice.”

The United Kingdom has informed the World Health Organization that the epidemic is spreading faster through the “new strain of the virus”, the British health authorities announced.

Numerous mutations in the SARS-CoV-2 virus have been observed worldwide.

According to the British government’s scientific adviser Patrick Valance, this new variant “spreads faster”, but has also evolved into a “dominant” form of the coronavirus. It appeared in mid-September in London or Kent and is present in 62% of cases recorded in London in December and 43% in the south-east of England, compared with only 28% in mid-November.

The United Kingdom, along with Italy, is the most affected country in Europe by the epidemic with more than 67,000 dead. The limit of 2,000,000 cases was exceeded today.


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