Shame for the pair of hunters who kissed over a dead lion

It happened in South Africa

Shall have a couple’s move to kiss and photographed over a lion ‘s carcass just killed. 

Darren and Caroline Carter killed the male lion in South Africa with the company that uploaded the Facebook photo to write in the caption “very nice. A huge lion “.

The pair are owners of a charging business in Edmonton, Canada and when they were asked by a British Mirror reporter to comment on their choice, they were content with the answer, “we are not interested in commenting on anything. The issue is very political. ” 
According to information, the lion had grown under captivity in order to become a hunt for hunters.

The company Legelela offers through which the Canadian couple organized hunting offers, among others, hunt for zebras, leopards and elephants. 

The image of the couple kissing over the dead lion was “disgusting” by several Twitter users with the more extreme asking for even the imposition of a death penalty. 

“I do not understand it. Why do you do that? Why; What is the goal? Does it make them brave? My eyes are two shameless scums, “wrote another user, with a third pointing out that” celebrating death is disgusting. ” 

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