Shiny new Green bins being placed around Lixouri area and other municipalities

granted the municipalities of Kefalonia and Ithaca new green bins (organic waste). The total number of green bins placed in all 4 municipalities was 100.

Of which Paliki received 15.

The Deputy Mayor of Cleaning Mr. Volteras and the staff of the Green Department of our Municipality, immediately upon their receipt, proceeded to place the green bins at points of the city where there is increased traffic, demand and need.

Some of them were placed from the city Municipal Cemetery and along the road to the beach of Lepeda.

The battle for cleanliness in our city doesn’t stop for a minute. The results are already visible to the citizens, mainly after the strengthening of the “Arsenal” of our municipality, with new machinery

source FB post of Δήμος Ληξουρίου



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