Ship fire in Corfu: Anxious searches for the missing

It is reported that 278 people have been rescued and another person who was not declared on the list and according to information is an illegal immigrant. 

As Mr. Lagkadianos said, the operation to free two passengers is in progress, as well as the operation to locate 11 missing persons. In fact, he noted that according to the data so far, among the missing are 3 Greeks. 

EMAK is also rushing to participate in the operation to free the two passengers, a Turk and a Bulgarian.

The operation is very difficult as George Glykofrydis, head of the Greek Rescue Team, told ERT, the ship is burning completely and the smoke is very thick ! 

The fire at the Euroferry Olympia, which had departed from Igoumenitsa at 01:30 in the morning bound for Brindisi, broke out at around 04:18 (s.s. then informed the captain for the first time) and was immediately ordered to evacuate, the which started at 05:14. The fire, according to the ship-owning company Grimaldi, broke out in garage number three . The company emphasizes that the personnel mobilized immediately to extinguish the fire and then, according to the prescribed procedures, the captain informed the competent Greek and Italian authorities and decided to abandon the ship.

The crew members are of Greek and Italian nationality and in the garage there were 153 commercial vehicles (trucks and trailers), as well as 32 passenger vehicles.

The company also states that no fuel leaks have been detected at sea, while the stability of the ship has not been affected.

The ship is flying the Italian flag and was launched in 1995.

In Corfu, late at noon, the operation of identification and counting of passengers and crew was completed. So far, 277 people have been identified. 

As for the injured, a total of 10 people have been transported to the hospital, but none of them are serious and are expected to be discharged. Among them are people with respiratory problems, orthopedic problems and a person with heart problems. 

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  • February 19, 2022 at 3:03 pm

    Love the practical approach, drive some fire engines on barges and you’re in business!


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