Ship fire: New information suggests 10 missing people – Counting to be done in Corfu

In Corfu, where they will sail, the occupants of the burning ship will be counted , as there are fears for missing persons.

Newer information speaks of missing 10 to 11 passengers. The fear stems from the fact that according to testimonies, there may have been passengers sleeping in the garage and it is not known whether they managed to leave the ship.

Top sources with knowledge of the rescue operation of the passengers of the said ship stated that there is information about possible missing persons which however can not be verified if the official count of passengers and crew is not done . He pointed out, however, that this will happen as soon as the boat that has collected them arrives at the port of Corfu, something which is expected to happen in one to two hours.

The testimony of a passenger of the burning ship
One of the passengers of the ship, Mr. Nasos, spoke on the show “MEGA Hour Society”. “We woke up at 4.30 am and saw that the fire started in the garage and spread quickly. We are in the lifeboats, specifically in the one I am in, we are 140 people. “I am afraid that not everyone has been saved because there were some who were sleeping in the garage,” said Mr. Nasos, who was on the ship, in a telephone conversation.

In Corfu the counting – The official information of the Ministry of Shipping
A representative of the Ministry of Shipping pointed out that a count will be made in Corfu and that based on the latest information, the number of passengers and crew was 290 – and not 288 as originally mentioned.

The following is the full information about the incident with the fire from the Ministry of Shipping:

The Port Authorities of Igoumenitsa and Corfu were informed by the Joint Coordination, Search and Rescue Center of the Coast Guard about a fire incident on the deck number 3 of the passenger / vehicle ferry “Euroferry Olympia” in the Italian-flagged , during the execution of a planned route from Igoumenitsa to Brindisi.

There are already four patrol boats of the Greek Coast Guard, a lifeboat of the Coast Guard, a boat of the Italian Economic Police, two floating ships, two private boats, a helicopter of the Coast Guard, two helicopters of the Hellenic Coast Guard. Navy helicopter. The frigate “Hydra” is expected to sail. Also, two tugboats, a tug firefighting boat, as well as an anti-pollution vessel of the Coast Guard – Hellenic Coast Guard are rushing to the area.

“According to the official crew records of the passengers submitted by the master of the ship in Igoumenitsa, before departure, the” Euroferry Olympia “had 239 passengers and 51 crew members on board. The operation to free and transport the passengers of the ship is in progress. Full registration and identification of the ship’s occupants will take place in Corfu. NW winds of 4 Beaufort prevail in the area. The Minister of Shipping and Island Policy, Mr. Ioannis Plakiotakis, who was informed from the first moment about the incident, immediately gave an order to mobilize all appropriate means, floating and air, for the release of the passengers and the crew of the ship. Any new developments will be notified to you immediately with a newer press release. ”

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