Shipping from the UK to the EU – NEW RULES and clarification to help you all.

Thought you might all be interested to know about changes that are coming into effect from the 1st July regarding customs and VAT charges when sending into Europe.

What Are the Current Charges?

Any item under the value of €22 does not incur any VAT or customs charges.

Any item from €22 to under €150 will have a local VAT charge applied but is not liable for customs charges.

Goods over €150 are charged VAT and if the origin of the goods is outside of the UK they also face customs duties.

Items sent as a gift up to the value of €45, sent from one individual to another have no VAT or customs charges. Items purchased from an online marketplace and marked as a gift will not be classified as a gift in customs and will incur charges as above.

To send an item as a gift, list “gift” as the reason for sending in the documentation within the booking process.

What Is Changing from 1st July?

Any item regardless of its value will be subject to VAT and customs charges if it is going to Europe from the UK.

Important Exception

If you are sending an item as a gift there is no change to the rules stated earlier – no VAT or customs charges are liable for gifts under the value of €45 sent from one individual to another.

How Do VAT and Changes Get Paid?

Senders have 2 options:

1. Let the recipient pay any VAT and customs duties, this is called ‘Delivery Duties Unpaid (DDU)’. What will happen is that when the parcel reaches the destination country, customs will reach out to the recipient to collect any applicable charges. When the recipient has paid these charges, the parcel will be released by customs and delivered to the recipient.

2. The sender can choose to pay all costs required to bring their parcel into the destination country, when booking the delivery service, this is called ‘Delivery Duties Paid (DDP)’. In this option the recipient is required to do nothing and the parcel will get delivered directly to the recipient.

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