Shock in the Greek community from the death of a 29-year-old in the hands of the New York Police

NEW YORK. The death of 29-year-old expatriate George Zapantis, who succumbed to his injuries on Sunday night, June 21, 2020, in the police raid, has caused shock in the Greek community.

The expatriate, according to the police statement, lost consciousness, suffered a heart attack and was taken to New York-Presbyterian Hospital / Queens, where he was pronounced dead.

The tragic incident happened on the night of Father’s Day in Whitstone and has shocked the community of St. Nicholas in Flushing and the classmates and teachers of the “Vassilios Spyropoulos” Day School, from where George graduated.

The victim’s cousin opened a special account on the website  ( ) at noon on Monday, June 22, 2020 to cover the funeral expenses of George . Although he did not mention the causes of death and the fact that George is an additional “George Floyd”, the response was great. As of this writing, 85 people have responded, offering a total of $ 25,550.

Mechanical engineer Andreas Apostolopoulos, who works in Boston through an e-mail to Memories, said: on Sunday night, 6/21. He was only 29 years old. We hadn’t talked in a few years, but I was shocked by this news. ”

He goes on to say that his death has much in common with the death of George Floyd, who sparked recent protests against police brutality, and urged us to investigate the case and urge the Greek community to support it in any way possible. family.


“Oh George, you left us so early, lad! Glad you got it! May Saint George, whom you have always had in your soul, keep you forever. The friend, the first one who liked me and kept me company! I will never forget you, nor your big heart, nor your grateful character. Eternal memory, friend… Good Heaven! ” Andreas wrote to her.

The tragic event

The family, as the lawyer George Vombolakis pointed out to the journalists, asks for answers about the tragic death of the son, the brother and the relative and friend due to the excessive violence of the Police.

Mr. Vombolakis told “Memories” that although the investigations are in their early stages, nevertheless everything shows that we are facing an additional incident of excessive use of force by the Police who hit him repeatedly with the Taser and caused his death. .

Mr. Vombolakis pointed out that the victim, who had mental problems, may have panicked and moved towards the police, but he was unarmed.

At the same time, he stressed that there is evidence and video that proves that the attack with the Taser took place at a time when the Police had already taken him under control and with their hands behind their backs.

Responding to a question from the “Memories” about the 29-year-old’s death, a police spokeswoman said: 20-39 150 Street, Whitestone in the limits of 109 th Police Department.

Police found a 29-year-old man holding a sword in the basement of the house and refusing to comply with police orders. The man caused their attention by moving towards the Policemen with the sword in his hand. Police used Tasers to lose consciousness and prevent a heart attack. An ambulance was called to take him to New York-Presbyterian Hospital / Queens, where he was pronounced dead. The medical examiner will rule on the causes of death. Investigations are ongoing by the NYPD’s Force Investigation Division.

At the same time, he stressed that the victim was identified and that he was 29-year-old George Zapantis, a resident of 20-39 150 Street, in Washington, D.C., New York.

A man with a big heart

Relatives, classmates and fellow villagers during the communication with “Memories” expressed their sorrow for the death of George and stressed that he was kind and dear to everyone.

“He was ready to give his soul for his sister Eleftheria and his mother-in-law, Athanasia,” said one of them.

His neighbors told American reporters that George was generous and ready to help them when needed. During the winter, he helped his elderly neighbors clear the sidewalks without ever receiving a tip.

George was born in New York and grew up orphaned with his sister. Their father, Elias Zapantis, came from Skala, Kefallinia, and Athanasia’s mother, Kostoubardis, came from Poros and gave birth to two children, Eleftheria and Giorgos.

Elias died in 1992 and all the burden fell on their mother Athanasia, who worked hard as a domestic helper and was a guardian angel of Freedom and George.

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