Single Engine Plane from Corfu to Thessaloniki makes forced landing on road

Grevena: Shock images from the “heavy” landing of a single-engine airplane 

A “heavy” landing made a single-engine airplane in Grevena shortly before 09:00 on Thursday (18.07.2019). Images from where they fell shocked. Luckily, the three occupants came out alive.

The alarms in Grevena signaled when the initial update reported an airplane drop in Grevena and specifically at the eastern site of the city.


It quickly became known that it was not a fall but a forced landing that the pilot of the single-engine plane had suffered after engine failure while in flight.

The one-engine airplane had taken off from Corfu to Thessaloniki. There were three people, the pilot and two other people.

When the problem arose, the pilot decided to make a forced landing, but it hit a pillar and was overturned.

The three occupants were transported by an ambulance of the EKAB to the hospital of Grevena. The two are well in their health while the third has a fracture in his leg.

“We lost the engine in the air”

With blood on his face and his beaten eye, apparently shocked by what he lived, one of the engineers in the car described how “we lost the engine in the air and made a forced landing in the area.”

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