The Roman mansion of wealthy Roman, which included hot baths. It was found by the owner of the land in 1944 by the owner of the land, but in 1957.

Its existence is also mentioned by the archaeologist Goodisson in 1822.

The interest is in the inscriptions of the 3th century . In the first room of the mansion is a mosaic posing as a naked young man, envy. He has his hands on his neck and surrounded by four beasts that bite him.

It’s obviously envy, drowning by his malice and suffering seeing someone happy.

The second room depicts the sacrifice of a bull, a ram and a boar, which reminds roman suovetaurilia, common in the Greece space, possibly a sign of the new religion. It was made by artisan krátero and his son.

Where the third room is located in byzantine years the church of agios athanasios, and in the fourth room there is a mosaic floor with geometric shapes.


Source – FB post of Αποστολατος Γιωργος Πριγκιπας in We love kefalonia Island

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