“Smart” electricity meters will be installed in all homes – They can help people save upto 10%

Installing smart electricity meters in homes will allow households to save money by adjusting their consumption to take advantage of the lowest prices that will apply at certain times of the day, with the application of flexible electricity pricing.

This was pointed out by the Minister of Environment and Energy, Kostis Hatzidakis, speaking today at a RAE conference on energy poverty. The 850m-euro smart cash installation program will be funded by the EU Recovery Fund, the minister said, noting that the issue has been “dragging on” for ten years. He stressed that planning is being done in order not to repeat the mistakes of the past, delays or even cancellation of the program.

Referring to the government’s policy for tackling energy poverty, Mr. Hatzidakis focused on the “Save – Autonomy” program, which is about to start, with a budget of 850 million euros. He noted that households that joined the “Save” programs in previous years reduced their energy consumption (electricity, oil, gas) by 2 billion kilowatt hours per year, a benefit that he said will multiply in the coming years as the renovation is planned 60,000 housing per year.

He also referred to the recent decision to improve the support framework for vulnerable gas consumers, to strengthen the reconnection account to the electricity network, the subsidy programs for the replacement of oil burners with natural gas (applied in Attica, followed by Thessaly and the extension in more areas), the subsidy for heating oil from the Ministry of Finance that was extended this year to natural gas, the special tariffs (CTO etc.), the new framework for the universal supply service, etc.

The President of RAE, Assistant Professor Athanasios Dagoumas, noted that research data show that with small behavioral changes consumers can achieve significant (5-10%) energy savings.

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