Smoking & driving: Fines of 1,500 euros and removal of licence

A month without a license will penalise in addition to the fine those taxi drivers, bus drivers and public drivers who smoke in the passenger compartment!

This is set by the new health ministry circular that seeks to put an end to the bad habit of millions of drivers.

The new circular issued by the Ministry of Health and the KOK gives strict fines to all drivers who smoke while fines are exceeded if there is a minor child up to 12 years old in the car.

In particular, smoking is prohibited at airports (excluding areas specifically designated for smokers), in ports and passenger stations, in all forms of public transport including public passenger cars, with counter and taxis, and in shops. in all types of cars, both private and public, when minors under 12 years of age.

For infringement of the smoking ban on cars when minors are under 12 years old, an administrative fine of € 1,500 is imposed on the passenger who smokes independently of being a driver, and the fine is doubled to € 3,000 if the smoker drives a public car.

In addition, drivers of these vehicles are required to remove their driving license for one month for each infringement, even if they did not commit the infringement themselves, but a person aboard the car.


The prohibition on the use of tobacco products in indoor public places does not exclude electronic cigarettes as well as all kinds of herbal products for smoking.

Detection of the infringement and enforcement of the aforementioned administrative penalties are carried out by the police during their inspections on the country’s roads.

In the same context, the intensification of controls to identify offenders and to impose the appropriate penalties and penalties is underway.

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