Smoking: What applies to restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues

A big upside comes with smoking in shops and in special places. Indeed, in the case of anti-smoking law, the Police will be involved. What’s changing in restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues.

The main change that comes with  smoking  is in   health stores , that is,  cafes and restaurants in  particular.

The Ministry of Health is overturned and essentially puts an end to smokers’ enclosed or indoors places in all health care stores, as we have known them until now.

A bill by the Ministry of Health that has been put to public consultation has tightened measures to implement the anti-smoking law.

Smoking in catering shops and entertainment venues will be prohibited even in areas such as the patio or sliding or removable ceiling, as in any place, with a cover and at the same time closed in any way around.

Smoking shall be permitted only in outdoor areas that are perimetrically open on at least two sides.

In addition, the use of tobacco products in indoor and outdoor sports, leisure and juvenile gatherings, in indoor group sports and indoor sports events is prohibited.

fine of  EUR 200 is imposed for each infringer  for the smokers and EUR 500 for the management of the premises.

Also, those who  smoke in vehicles  when under-12s are only at risk of a fine of 1500 euros. If the vehicle is in public use, the fine is doubled and the driving license is revoked for one month.

The new provisions, which will come into force immediately after the law is passed and published in the Government Gazette, completely prohibit smoking and consumption of tobacco products in the following areas:


(a)  in all public or private spaces, whether indoors or closed, used for the purpose of providing work, with the exception of those used for the manufacture of tobacco products;

(b)  in all shops of health, in particular shops for the manufacture and supply of food, beverages, pastries, all sorts of milk preparations, mixed shops and entertainment centers, with the exception of their outdoor spaces, if they are perimetrically open on at least two sides. ‘Indoor space’, for the purposes of this application, means the patio or sliding or removable space, as well as any space, with a cover and at the same time enclosed in any circumference.

(c)  all enclosed waiting areas;

(d)  at airports, with the exception of areas specifically designated for smokers;

(e)  port and passenger stations,

(f)  in all canteens,

(g)  all forms of public transport, including public passenger cars, with a meter and a taxi.

(h)  In all types of cars, both private and public, when minors under 12 years of age.


This infringement, as well as administrative penalties, is recalled by former Health Minister Andreas Xanthou’s signature from January 2018, but was left on paper as it was not foreseen who would conduct the audit.

It is now stipulated that the police detect the violation and impose administrative penalties.

The fine for violating the law is EUR 1,500 for the passenger who smokes independently if he is a driver, and doubles to EUR 3,000 if the smoker drives a public car.

In addition, drivers of such vehicles shall be required to withdraw their driving license for one (1) month for each infringement, even if they have not committed the infringement themselves, but a person aboard the car.

No Smoking: Inspectors will perform controls

It is stipulated that the Minister of Health will oversee the application of the total smoking ban in public places and in all workplaces.

The authorities responsible for detecting infringements and penalties are the health services of Local Authorities (1st and 2nd degree), the municipal police, the port authorities in their area of ​​responsibility, as well as the EL personnel. LET.

It is specified that the specific conditions relating to the procedure for checking, finding infringements, ascertaining and collecting the relevant fines, the amount of the fines imposed, the allocation of the proceeds from the fines imposed, and any other matters necessary for the application of the above provisions, will apply. to be determined by joint decision of the Ministers of Finance, Citizen Protection, Health and Home Affairs.

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