Snow from dawn in Thessaloniki this Morning


The bad weather “Oceana” arrived in Thessaloniki and brought with it snow and low temperatures.

As thestival says, Thessaloniki is dressed in white without any problems in the city so far. Snowfall started after 4 at dawn and continues until this time.

Employees in the municipalities and the Central Macedonia Region are on foot to keep the main roads open. So far the streets of Chortiatis-Agios Vasilios and Melissochori of Oreokastro remain closed .

The Region has about 5,000 tons of salt and 100 machines for all prefectures , while the municipality of Thessaloniki has purchased 500 tons of salt for the needs of the city.

The Thessaloniki district and the city’s main thoroughfares function without problems , however, those who move to the peripheral mountainous municipalities should move carefully with their vehicles.


An extra dimension of fun for the Keramies school trip group there at the moment!

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