The first significant snow fell on Ainos on 11th December 2018

Kefalonia snow 12th December 2018
Kefalonia snow 12th December 2018


Then on New Years  Eve it really snowed but visibility was bad

Kefalonia News years Eve Snow but bad visibility of mountain
New Years Day 2019 brought these great views under blue skies
By the 5th January 2019 we were in a winter wonderland
more from 5th January Ainos Kefalonia in Snow 2019

Epiphany 6th January mountain behind Dilinata

By now the snow had reached many more mountains in Kefalonia including behind Dilinata as shown above, near Aghia Efhemia and Poros.

An image from today 14th January 2019 with some snow still on Ainos

To show how much snow was on the road leading to the top of Ainos kefalonia this video from shows the access being created for the people who work at the masts on a daily basis to keep services running on the island.


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One thought on “Snow Kefalonia this Winter to date

  • May 11, 2020 at 3:40 pm

    Love the pictures. Kefalonia is beautiful in Summer, however the snow makes it extra special.


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