Snow – Nearly 1M deep in Crete

In an immense, beautiful white landscape has turned over the past few days, almost all of Crete , due to the intense snowfall that has hit the island.

In fact, the height of snow recorded at two points by two meteorological and snowmobiling stations, which the National Observatory of Athens / meteo installed in the mountainous volumes of Psiloritis and the White Mountains in the autumn of 2017, is of particular interest.

The first station, located at Psiloritis at an altitude of 1.480 meters, near the Nida Plateau of the Municipality of Anogeia, showed a snow height of 70 cm on Friday. The second station in the White Mountains at an altitude of 1.580 meters, very close to the Kallergi shelter, showed a snow height of 95 cm. It is estimated that at higher altitudes snow will be much higher.

The two stations in Crete are the first systematic effort to keep measuring snow in our country and the southernmost point of Europe where such measurements take place. Both stations are now permanent establishments of the National Observatory in Crete, completing the network of 42 meteorological stations already operating on the island, as well as the two tornado meters in torrents in Heraklion and Chania. 

Some height context versus Kefalonia the Ainos Sumit is 1628M


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