The last and greatest of the Old Testament prophets. It is called “Forerunner” because by its sermon and work it signified the coming of Jesus Christ and “Baptist” because it baptized people in the Jordan River and also baptized Jesus Christ. The Baptism of the Baptist was a symbolic act of cleansing those who were going to confess to him, but it was also the type of baptism of Jesus Christ, which is why John said: “I baptized you in water, he baptized Holy Spirit ”(Mark 8).

John (Hellenized type of the Hebrew name Johannan, which means “besides God for good”) was born miraculously of the priest Zacharias and the elder Elizabeth. He was a relative of Jesus Christ on the side of his mother and only six months older. He lived an ascetic life in the wilderness and did not hesitate to control unjustly and in person the injustice and morality of the people of his day. This led to the arrest and imprisonment of Judean Herod Antipas, who illegally lived with Herodias, the wife of Herod’s brother Philip. Herodias persuaded her daughter Salome to ask for “John’s head on a table” (Mark F25) as a birthday present, and Herod Antipas ordered John’s beheading to thank her.

John the Baptist and Baptist are one of the most popular saints in Greece. He is considered the protector and guardian of the piggy bank and malaria sufferers. Its name is one of the most common baptismal names and is the derivative of many names. Numerous churches and chapels are named after him, as well as hundreds of settlements.

His memory is honored by Christianity six times a year:

January 7, Synod of the Holy Prophet John the Baptist.
February 24, 1st and 2nd Finding of the honorary head of Saint Prophet, Baptist and Baptist John.
May 25, 3rd Finding of the honorary head of Saint Prophet, forerunner and baptist John.
June 24th, Birthday of the Holy Prophet John the Baptist. On the eve of the feast, fireworks customs are dominated (Fire of Aigianni).
August 29, Head cut of the Holy Prophet John the Baptist. The day is considered mourning and is associated with strict fasting.
September 23, Arrest of the Honorable Baptist.


A laudable memory; not enough the testimony of the Lord Prodromes; Everywhere in the true transcendent, joyfully I proclaim in Hades, God manifested in the flesh, lifting up the sin of the world, and providing half the great mercy.


At Agios Prodromos in Halkidiki, the event of the Futars takes place. On the eve of the Lights young men say carols picking up meat, sausages and money and dance on Ai – Gianni day in the village square. When they take a break they run from a bat and when they come back to dance they fly the bats high, whistling with all their might to mark the end of the festive Twelve Days.

In Galatista of Halkidiki, the Day of Lights and Ai – Gianni revive the customs of the camel and the marriage of Manios. Both have historical roots since the Turkish occupation and concern the abduction of a Christian girl by the son of the Turkish Agha and the trick to grab her lover and marry her, which was nothing more than a camel’s he hides his beloved with his friends who help him in his endeavor. On the Day of Lights the event is represented.

Six men enter under a camel dummy and swinging bells and singing rhythmically. The next day, Ai Gianniou, is set up by Manios’ Marriage, that is, the girl who was released, and her marriage is represented, with traditional music, dominated by journals and daulas.

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