Soaring seasonal flu wave: In intensive care two patients

The seasonal flu wave is moving upwards, but slowly  . According to the epidemiological report of the National Public Health Organization (EHEA), the last week of 2019 came with new data on the flu, after a period of stagnation and minimal circulation of the virus.

In particular, according to EODY data, two new cases were added to the list of serious cases of influenza requiring hospitalization in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) during the period from 22 to 29 December. Four incidents have been added in the past, with the 2019 report closing with six serious flu cases, one of which was fatal.

In the same week, 42 ​​clinical specimens were all tested for influenza viruses from hospitals. 4 (9.5%) of these were positive for type A influenza viruses. The two type A strains that were subunit belonged to subtype A (H1N1). It is noted that in the fatal case – for a 61-year period – the control showed type B flu.

All six serious cases with ICU hospitalization were in a high-risk clinical group for which seasonal influenza vaccination is recommended. Two out of six patients had the flu shot.

Experts in their report point out that “flu activity in Greece is at a low level”. Likewise, visits by citizens with symptoms of influenza to a doctor are at a low level.

However, this is expected to change drastically in the coming months, partly because the outbreak of seasonal flu starts in mid-January each year, and because the weather has changed these days. The invasion of “snow”, low temperatures in many parts of the country, creates the … ideal environment for the circulation of viruses. In particular, transmission of influenza viruses is facilitated when dry and cold air prevails. At the same time, of course, in these climates, synchronization indoors is red, leading to increased viruses.

ESA experts reiterate the importance of anti-influenza immunization with vaccination, stressing that the vaccine reduces any complications caused by influenza, especially in people at high risk groups.

They also underline the importance of adhering to personal hygiene measures that prevent the spread of viruses in the environment.

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