Social Media Working to Everyone’s Advantage

Social Media successes in Kefalonia are many providing people with good advice, people’s experiences and perceptions and keep people post holiday looking at pictures to help fight away’ The Blues‘ and excited in the build up to their time on the island most of which is done on the general Kefalonia sites.

It has also come to our attention similar to the UK about a decade ago the rise of online house sales and property letting, in Kefalonia via sites based on social media including;

Kefalonia Holiday Property Rent Direct….
Kefalonia Property Rent Direct….
Kefalonia Property Buy Direct….

These sites offer owners the chance to sell or rent their properties with no middle man involved hence no additional fees are charged so the owner and purchaser get the best possible deal.

It’s not for everyone as the bricks and mortar estate agents on the island add many extra’s (at your cost) but are useful for many by organising notaries, tax number, bank numbers and office visits etc.


In the days of social media and other websites it is simple for most people to find all the information they need online and save themselves significant money in the process.

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