Solution for airport test dogs: Can detect coronavirus with 94% success

A recent study conducted by an animal clinic in Hanover revealed that trained dogs have a 94% chance of detecting the coronavirus. Thus, if the dog smells saliva or sweat, it can tell if a person has a coronavirus even 5 days before the symptoms appear, so they can detect asymptomatic carriers of the virus.

This finding could be an alternative to the coronavirus tests currently required on travel. In fact, Helsinki Vantaa Airport has recruited 6 dogs to detect possible cases of coronavirus. The process takes less than a minute and works as follows:

Before boarding, passengers wipe the sweat from certain parts of the body and a paper towel and place it in a container. The dog and his guide are in a different room, protected from exposure to the virus and possible allergies. The container is transferred to this room. The dog then smells the sample and within 10 seconds at the latest detects the presence or absence of the virus. If the sample is positive, the dog notifies in a special way.

Regarding the infection of the dog with the virus, research has shown that dogs are not infected with it. Passengers who tried this tracking system said they were very satisfied.

At present, it is the only European airport where coronavirus testing is performed with dogs, but researchers from Germany, France and the United Kingdom are working on similar projects. Outside Europe, a similar canine detection system is being implemented at Chile’s Santiago de Chile International Airport, with Australia, Dubai and Japan showing interest.


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