Some Pictures and comments from the inaugaural meeting of The Kefalonia International Organization

The inaugaural meeting was held last night of the Kefalonia International Organization at the theatre in Argostoli with the attendance of the encumbent mayor of Kefalonia.

In our opinion at The Kefalonia Pulse attendance was low to an event thats stated aims should be to everyones benefit and had a lot of publicity across social media beforehand;

The aim of the organization is to provide a monthly forum for national and international residents of Kefalonia to discuss issues and concerns surrounding their local community and how the organization can support and influence improvements on the Island

Main questions raised in open forum included;

  1. A building co-sponsored between KAT’s and ARK in Argostoli that was refused a licence to operate after significant investment.
  2. Issues at the airport.
  3. Timing of completion of waterfront works in Argostoli.
  4. Irrigation methods of Palms on waterfront. 


We will wait to see how things develop.

Picture source –  FB post of Peter Lee.

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