Sponsorship from the Kefalonian International Organization for the Water Polo Department

 The Board of Directors of the Nautical Club of Argostoli, the coaches and the athletes of the water polo department would like to express their gratitude to the International Kefalonian Organization and especially to the President Mrs. Niki Dimitratou and the Vice President Mrs. Petra Elbe, for the sponsorship (18 water polo) in our children’s team.

 In the difficult times that humanity is going through due to the pandemic (covid-19), which also affects the economy, it is impossible to respond despite all our efforts, fortunately there are people who still keep sensitivities for children by offering them materials useful to make their dreams come true.

We hope that this act will become an example to others. Together we can, if we love the History, the Culture of our Kefalonia, help our youth, the citizens of tomorrow who will decide for the future.

Thank you very much for your kind sponsorship.

source – http://noarg.gr/

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