Spotify have made a song lists for … dogs!

It may have been used by Spotify for millions of people to listen to music, but now it looks like dogs will use it too!
That’s because Spotify has created playlists and a podcast to listen to … dogs when they are alone at home, after finding that almost 74% of UK pet owners put their pets to listen to music!

The Swedish music service has announced that it has launched a podcast with relaxing music, “dog praises”, stories and reassurance and reassurance stories read by actors who aim to relieve dogs of the stress they are experiencing at home.

Spotify said in a survey that one in four pet owners let their pet listen to music when he or she was out of the house, with 42% of homeowners saying their pets have certain preferences.

A quarter of pet owners responded that they had even seen their pets… dancing to the sounds of music.

Top Dog Playlist
  • Atomic DogGeorge Clinton • Greatest Hits: Straight Up. …
  • Shake Dog Shake – RemasteredThe Cure • The Top. …
  • Black Dog On My ShoulderManic Street Preachers • …
  • Black Eyed DogNick Drake • Made To Love Magic. …
  • Call Me A DogTemple Of The Dog • Temple Of The Dog. …
  • Space DogTori Amos • Under the Pink.

We would love to hear from you, what your dogs living in Kefalonia favourite songs are feedback to our thread on FB and we will put together a local playlist.

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