Springs under Platanos cafe and Plane tree in Lourdas cleaned

The eternal spring (the fountain is called by the locals) was filled with water from the last rains and emptied of mud and rubbish, as a result of which the old man – plane tree – feels “lord”.

The efforts for the cleaning and landscaping of the village are continued by the local municipal authority with the active participation of members of the Board. of PS Lourdaton “O PLATANOS”.

Although at the end of the tourist season, they all fell apart, with the personal work – this is the only way to get a job – of the local mayor and the help of members and the Board. of PS Lourdaton “O PLATANOS” , the area of ​​the fountain was cleaned from the rubbish accumulating by the plane tree for an indefinite period of time.

The leaves of the age-old tree had rotted and clogged all the water outlets, which run forever from the source, resulting in a large amount of stagnant water, a source of environmental pollution and mosquito breeding.

The plane tree with its source at its base and the green all-year-old gorge, must be properly highlighted, not only with its cleanliness, but also with its lighting, to be one of the sights of the village and a pole of attraction for tourists.

It wants study, money and above all the will of all the inhabitants, so that together they can demand the upgrade and promotion of this unique environmental beauty.

It goes without saying that this work must be done before the start of the tourist season, but as the the philosophical people say “progress is slower than ever”.

Liverios Petridis

source – lourdas.gr

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