Stargazing Nights in Kefalonia this Summer

This looks like a great new thing to do whilst in Kefalonia for both residents and tourists alike.


We are super excited! Our new telescope is here and we finally found an almost perfect night to try it. It’s huge but so is the Universe! Now every object will appear even bigger, more clear and more detailed! The moon’s surface “comes” so close, you think you can touch it! Galaxies and nebulas are a piece of cake for this big baby! And these photos don’t even make justice to what you see through our Orion’s lens. 

Plus some new features:
-Wall Projector: See the depths of our solar system using our AstroApp projected to the wall and let George explain you what you see.
-Mobile Phone Adaptor: Take photos or videos of what you observe with your phone and keep those memories forever. 

And don’t forget-We are the first and only company performing Stargazing in GREECE!! And yes, we are proud of it!

To book a Stargazing night visit


 or message us here!

 — at Mount Ainos.

source FB page of Kefalonian Wild Nature

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