Stavros Spathis: The new measures in retail and catering are a final blow

Honourable Minister,

The recent announcement of new measures in catering and retail by the Minister of Health Mr. Plevris has rightly provoked reactions from institutions and citizens.

At a time when the entire business and professional world, which has sided with the government over the past two years, is taking public health measures rushing to be vaccinated closing down businesses whenever the state requires it leaving virtually no income waiting to return to regularity, measures are announced which come to lock down businesses.

It is questionable that a citizen is allowed to enter food supermarkets without a rapid test, while to buy the exact same product from a store in his neighbourhood where the exact same social distance measures apply, he must show a vaccination certificate or a negative laboratory test result. . It is clear from the above, that two-speed companies are created with a clear favour to the big businessmen who will increase their traffic and will increase their turnover but they will not need to employ additional staff for the control of certificates at a time when small family business will shoulder new expenses and loss of income.

At the same time, the new announcements concerning the focus on certificate control and rapid test even outdoors show measures that are provocative, superficial, hasty and practically inapplicable, especially when closed crowded places such as churches are excluded from control. We are in the autumn and for a large portion of the citizens who are not vaccinated, the only option to visit restaurants is the outdoor areas and this for as long as the weather still allows. To invite the citizen to drink a coffee, to spend five times the value since he will have to bear the cost of the rapid test, is the tombstone in the restaurant.

We take it for granted that these measures in retail and catering will force citizens to enter an informal lockdown as they will not visit any place other than supermarkets, churches and pharmacies, while companies that will lose a large share of their turnover and are already in a financial impasse after the tsunami of accuracy due to energy crisis, but also crisis in the supply chain, will be forced into new layoffs and padlocks.

Finally, the common secret that is sometimes reported publicly (as in the case of the Pulmonologist Mr. Vasilakopoulos), that even with the current measures, the control of certificates in clean spaces is not observed everywhere and the control mechanisms are not enough, and at the same time the announcement for excessive increase in fines, raise reasonable questions about how one thinks the new and more sophisticated measures will be implemented, as well as what contributes to the larger fines in addition to the final blow to businesses.

There is still time for logic to prevail and the announced measures not to be reflected in the Official Gazette.The government’s concern should be the proper promotion of vaccination to the citizens as the only measure to stop the pandemic, in a way that will make them feel safe and complete informed and not intimidation, division, alienation and fines.

The President
Stavros Spathis

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