STAVROS SPATHIS: Update on services

When the storm stopped, the president of DEYAL Stavros Spathis and the director of the company Dionysis Gasparinatos went to the areas that received the biggest blow from the cyclone.

In Agia Efimia , the water supply was cut off because there is no electricity. The damages in the DEYAK network have been repaired and as soon as it is connected to the electricity or any area that receives electricity will have water.

In Assos there is no longer a water network and it is no exaggeration. They sat down with the village president and shopkeepers to see how they could provide immediate solutions and concluded. DEYAL immediately starts the installation of an external network around the village with external public fountains so that people can get water freely. For the complete restoration of the network no one can talk yet .. it is buried in tons of stone and mud.

Καρυά – Βαρύ – Τσελεντάτα : The interruptions are due to the power outage.

They were touring these areas all day yesterday, the spectacle they saw is indescribable, they are shocked by the magnitude of the disaster.

In other areas:

In Skala and Eleios the water supply will be restored when the electricity supply is restored

In Lixouri huge damages are recorded in the water supply network and in the new one, the ditches with the pipes were destroyed ..

The damage that aggravates the suffering of the people is very great. Perhaps with this extreme disaster, DEYAK, in collaboration with scientists and universities, will have to find alternative operating solutions without the use of electricity for some time.

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