Stavros Travlos informs about the bridge in Heimoniko (Myrtos coast road) and the road construction works in Kefalonia

The Deputy Regional Governor of Kefalonia and Ithaca, Stavros Travlos, was hosted on the show “In the Basement is the View” to inform about the developments for the bridge of Heimonikos, which forces many residents of northern Kefalonia to do double kilometers to reach the mile.

As he mentioned, he was there the previous days to do an autopsy. “A bridge will be built, like the one in Agia Varvara (Bailey Bridge). The cars will pass one by one and a traffic light will enter the spot. “What we still want to see is static adequacy, to be sure,” he said. At the same time, Mr. Travlos referred to all those who, despite the bans, use the old bridge, emphasizing that it is their responsibility and they should stop.The deputy governor also spoke about the amount corresponding to Kefalonia and Ithaca from the 25.5 million provided by the Region, for road construction projects. “Seven million correspond to us and there will be delineations, widenings and much more. Besides, we have other financial programs in the next period “, Mr. Travlos underlined. He also informed about the road in Kritonou, which will be ready very soon, while he mentioned that a meeting will be held with the deputy mayor of Eleios Pronnon and the local council of Skala for the regeneration of the coastal and traffic study of the area, to close the issue with the sidewalk.

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