Stephanos Tsitsipas did the miracle – He beat Nadal and went to the final

Mythical moments for Greek tennis, with Stephanos Tsitsipas making Rafa Nadal into his home and going to the final of the Madrid tournament.

With a magnificent appearance Stephanos Tsitsipas prevailed for the first time against Rafa Nadal with 2-1 (6-4, 2-6, 6-3) and even on the ground where the Spaniard is considered unbeatable and confirmed the excellent situation he is in . This is the first time the 20-year-old Greek defeats Rafael Nadal.

Chitsypa reaction after winning Nadada, watch the video
Like another man in the Manolo Santana arena, Stephan Tsitsipas managed to defeat Rafa Nadal after a match of 2.5 hours where the 20-year-old tennis player opened a new chapter in his career, certainly marking his biggest victory.

Stephanos Chitsipas showed with his “good day” to his great opponent that it would not be an easy prey. The two athletes did two fast breaks, then kept their serve until the break and somehow we got to 4-4. At that point Stephen Tsitsipis again broke the serve of his opponent and then held his own to take the set 6-4.

In the second set, Nadal reached a stunning pace playing aggressively against Tsitsipas . He climbed most of the time to the net, made a critical break in the sixth game set, which he then won with 6-2.

In the third set the two athletes with difficulty kept their serve until the fifth game. There Stefanos Tsitsipas made the break and then kept his serve for 4-2. Stephanos Chitsipas made a new break for the Spanish to score 5-2. Nadal responded with a break to Tsitsipas and reduced to 5-3. The next game was exciting! Stephanos Tsitsipas created four match points to make it to victory!

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