Sterling at a 5-month low the exchange rate of sterling

In the 5-month low the exchange rate of sterling

If predictions are correct, British tourists will have less purchasing power at this year’s high season due to unfavorable parity.

Yesterday, the sterling fell below $ 1.27 against the US dollar and against the euro (1.13 euros).

In March 2008, sterling for a period was worth more than $ 2. 

Experts said in their statements to the BBC that the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the trade war between the US and China have contributed to the decline of the sterling.

The sterling rose again yesterday during the day, but market volatility is expected to continue after the British Prime Minister failed to persuade the British Parliament of her latest proposal for Brexit.

In recent months, the sterling has gained ground, but recently its value has returned to levels during Christmas holidays. 

The value of the pound sterling, experts estimate, is expected to fall again as the deadline for Brexit approaches (October 31).

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