Stop-Go boards as you enter/exit Poros tomorrow to facilitate rock fence cleaning works

Temporary disruption of pedestrians and all vehicles on Provincial Road No. 1 (Argostoli – Poros) for the period from 08.00 hrs on 3-12-2019 to 13.00 hrs 3-12-2019 and specifically at part of the road to be carried out for the cleaning of the rock fall fences which have been installed in the framework of the project “Fall prevention at Poros Entrance” on the Poros Bridge.

Article 2 

Vehicle traffic to and from Poros will be carried out through a one-way traffic flow with the care and care of the Sami Police Department.

Article 3 

The contractor is requested to install and remove timely and foreseen road signs (regulatory information plates) in accordance with Articles 9 & 10 of Law 2696/99 “On Road Traffic Code” as amended by Law. 3542/07 and Law 3904/2010 “KOK” and in accordance with the instructions of the Service Implementing Officer (AT Sami).

In addition, the contractor is responsible for the maintenance and supervision of road markings and the necessary safety measures throughout the course of the works, in order to provide a clear and immediate understanding of the arrangements and information required. , to exclude the workplace, and to safely carry out the movement of vehicles, workers and users.

Article 4

This applies:

-After the on-the-spot inspection by the Sami Police Commander and the contractor for the correct placement of the intended traffic sign and the need to take any additional traffic signage measures.

-After placing the relevant indication plates.

-From its publication, in accordance with article 109 of Law 2696/99 on the Code. and its posting on the Internet, in accordance with article 4 of Law 3861/2010.

Article 5 

Violators of this Law are prosecuted and punished in accordance with the penalties set forth in Articles 3,4,5,34,52,104 and 105 of Law 2696/99 “On the Road Traffic Code” as amended and in force, as well as in accordance with the applicable provisions.

Article 6

The implementation (execution) hereof is entrusted to AT Sami, who during the above period shall supervise the installation of the necessary signs and their removal after the completion of the works and supervise the above road section for the implementation of present, in order to avoid traffic problems and prevent traffic accidents. In case of any violation of the above apply the applicable law against all responsible.


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