Stores and Food outlets offering delivery services in Kefalonia

As we enter December it is becoming more likely the lockdown will be extended into middle or beyond of the month. 

Clearly this situation is creating problems for us as individuals with the restrictions imposed via SMS permissions to leave the house and bigger issues for businesses that would normally have good trade in the buildup to Christmas.

Many of these stores are trying to operate delivery services around the island which will be beneficial to them and us during the extended lockdown period.

So the best we can do at present to protect our health but also purchase things that make us happier (mentally as well as physically!) and support local businesses at the same time is to use the delivery services they are offering.

Therefore it would be beneficial to the local stores and us as individuals if we can create and share a list of all the stores operating delivery services and contact information.

Please share in FB comments below stores you know are operating and any details you have so we can put them into the shared table below. Useful comments might include if they speak good English for those of us who still have not become proficient enough!

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