Following the news of the deaths of two men in the maritime region of Antirrio, when the sailing boat was overwhelmed by the bad weather, early Monday night came the news of another dead in Rhodes.

An  elderly woman reportedly lost her life in Ialyssos, Rhodes. At the time of the big downpour, the 75-year-old was in her flooded house in Ialyssos.

As the website reports, the unfortunate woman was alone at home at that time. The fierce weather, which turned the streets into torrents, was the reason her home began to fill with water. She herself could not react as she had been bloated for years.

EKAB rescuers were called and arrived at the spot, who tried to bring the unfortunate old man back to life, but to no avail.

The woman was taken unconscious to the Rhodes hospital around 18:00, where her death was reported.

According to preliminary information, her death was not caused by drowning but by heart stoppage, which she suffered when her underground house was flooded. However, this is expected to be ascertained in the coming hours.

The fourth dead in Kos

At the same time, a dead 76-year-old resident was found dead on the beach of “Psalidi” on the island of Kos, who had gone for a swim as early as morning, as she was a winter swimmer.

Her death may be due to drowning without excluding pathological causes, which will be cleared up by a necrotizing operation.

The unhappy 76-year-old was found by her relatives who were worried when she was late to return home.

“Girionis” pounded the Dodecanese

The wave of bad weather hit the island of Rhodes causing severe floods and many problems on the island’s road network.

Roads in the city and villages have been turned into rapids, while power cuts and river overflows in Archipoli, Lardos Ialyssos, Apolakkia, Agios Isidoro, Mandriko have caused concern to residents.

According to broadcasts the situation is difficult and the competent services are extremely careful to all those who travel on the road network inside or outside the city of Rhodes.

The situation is particularly dangerous, with water reaching one meter on central roads, and homes flooding.

The intensity of the winds, which in some areas exceeds even 8 beauforts or even 9 beaufortes, has stifled boats and aircraft.