At the mercy of the bad weather Hioni was the country yesterday. 

Main features of bad weather was strong winds and intense rains. In fact, the problems have not been missed as trees have been uprooted, homes and roads have been flooded. 

Strong precipitation occurs mainly in the southern Aegean Sea and especially in Crete, according to meteorological meteorological service of the National Observatory of Athens (NASA).

The largest rainfall recorded by the meteorological stations of NCA / until 8 am today was in Chania Prefecture (100 mm in Elos, 58 in Akrotiri and 51 in the city center) and Steni in Evia (53 mm) . 
At the same time, stormy winds blow to the Aegean Sea, the eastern Sterea and the Peloponnese.

The strongest bursts recorded by the NCA / meteo stations this morning were at the Corinth Canal (134 km / h), Karystos Paxi (124 km / h), Penteli (109), Samothraki (105) and Monemvasia (105).

Stormy and very stormy northern winds are expected to continue until Thursday afternoon, and then gradually wane by one to two beauties. At the same time, the phenomena will be confined to the South Aegean and Crete and will weaken.

See the map below for how to move today and the next few days, the hour of bad weather: 

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