Stormy winds and ‘hot’ temperatures at the weekend

Picture File of high winds and waves in Nafplio / Photo: EUROKINISSI / BOUGIOTIS VAGGELIS

The state mechanism will remain on alert all weekend, due to the persistence of very strong north winds and the high temperatures forecast by meteorologists.

Locally as previous report Ainos National Park will remain closed across the weekend

According to experts, dry – and even stormy – winds, along with rising mercury – which has begun today – constitute a dangerous “cocktail” for fires.

On Friday morning, the EMY issued an exceptional report of stormy winds. According to this, winds of 7 to 8 beaufort will blow during the day in: southern Euboean, south-eastern Aegean, southwestern Aegean, central Aegean, narrow Kafirea and Kythera sea.

The Meteo Service of the National Observatory of Athens issued a warning of a high risk of fire. According to Meteo, temperatures on Friday will reach as high as 36 degrees Celsius in Western Solid and Northwest Peloponnese and 35 degrees Celsius in Macedonia, Thessaly and locally in the Eastern Aegean islands and Crete.

Meteo points out that the winds will blow strong with the meltem in the Aegean reaching 7 beaufort. The meltemi will reduce the discomfort caused by the high temperatures, “but increasing the risk of forest fires spreading to the Aegean islands and south-eastern continents,” Meteo said.

See the Meteo Danger Map:

Red and orange indicate areas where the risk of fire is very high / Source: METEO.GR

High temperatures: The “red” zones of the Meteo Alarm
According to a warning map released by the Meteo Alarm of the European Meteorological Service Network, “extremely high temperatures” are expected throughout Macedonia and Thrace, Epirus, the northeast Aegean, the Dodecanese, the Ionian, and Saturday.

See the map of Meteo Alarm for Saturday:

Areas Expecting “Extremely High Temperatures” on Saturday / Source: METEOALARM.EU

Arnaoutoglou: The main characteristic of the weather is strong winds
According to well-known ERT meteorologist Sakis Arnaoutoglou, the weather will remain dry, probably until early September. Until then no rain is expected in the country, the meteorologist explained.

As Mr Arnaoutoglou said, the main characteristic of the weekend will be dry northern winds and for this reason, he stressed, caution – for fires – is needed in mainland areas.

The well-known meteorologist pointed out that on Saturday it will be raining in the Aegean, Thrace, Sterea (Attica, Boeotia and Euboea) as well as the Peloponnese. On Sunday, according to Sakis Arnaoutoglou, sunshine is expected in most of the country and persistence of strong, northern winds in most areas of the Aegean, Thrace, Sterea (Attica, Boeotia and Euboea) and the Peloponnese.

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