Stormy winds on Tuesday: They will even reach 10-11 Beaufort

Stormy winds on Tuesday / Photo: EUROKINISSI- THANASIS DIMOPOULOS
Stormy winds on Tuesday / Photo: EUROKINISSI- THANASIS DIMOPOULOS

The new wave of bad weather , with rains, storms and snow, will also be accompanied by windy winds.

The phenomena are expected to hit the Cyclades, Crete and the Dodecanese on Tuesday, according to the latest forecasts of the National Observatory of Athens, while winds in the south and southeastern Aegean will reach 10 beauforts and possibly temporarily in the Dodecanese local and 11 beauforts !

Strong weather events are expected to occur by Tuesday night, as a deep low barometer will cross the southern parts of the country. The bad weather will initially affect the western continental and the Ionian and then the rest of the continents with rains, snow even at low altitudes, and storms that may be accompanied by hail in marine and coastal areas.

In the morning hours of the third temporary snowfall will occur in the northern parts of the Prefecture of Attica, while temporary snowfall is likely to occur in low and low altitude areas in the north and northwest.

On Tuesday, rain and thunderstorms are expected to occur mainly in the Cyclades, Crete and the Dodecanese. Locally they will be strong and may be accompanied by hail. Hionia will fall in the mountains as well as in areas of northern Crete with a relatively low altitude.

Dense snowfall is also expected in the mountainous and semi-mountainous areas of Sterea, Evia and especially in the Peloponnese, while temporarily it will also snow in areas with very low altitudes. Gradually, the phenomena on the mainland will weaken and after noon they will stop.


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