Strange Noises Heard Recently (Like blasting in a quarry)?

Makis Houliaras: Interview

The intense seismic activity of the area is causing the strange noises that has been heard over the last few weeks in various areas of lowland Ilia in the northwest Peloponnese, Zakynthos and Kefalonia. This was reported by reporter Makis Nodaros and the “Revelations” by Ionion Fm, seismologist and research director of Geodynamic Institute of Athens Makis Houliaras.

As  dozens of inhabitants of Ilia call their telephones on , they have been witnessing noises and small vibrations “as if something is blowing in the air” which in some cases is causing boredom in their homes.

Mr. Houliaras said that the Geodynamic Institute of Athens also received similar phone calls from residents of Ilia that report this phenomenon.

The phenomenon of specific noises heard by residents is related to the intense underground geotechnical processes occurring in the wider area at a depth of up to 20 km. That is to say, in depth, where the focus of an earthquake is usually located. At these depths there are large rock breaks, landslides and landslides that cause the “blast wave” to reach the surface and the ears of the inhabitants, “said Mr. Jullias and noted that the earthquake of 6.8 Richter in the sea area of ​​Zakynthos has stimulated the whole area within a radius of 100 kilometers.

“Since then we have recorded 5,800 seismic vibrations. Also in Zakynthos in some area we observed that oil is coming out … All this shows us that the whole area is in intense seismic excitation. Also, the recordings of electrical signals in the BAN system lead us to this conclusion. “Said Mr. Houliaras and stressed that residents of Western Greece and the Ionian islands should learn to live with earthquakes as their region is Europe’s most earthquake region.

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