Stray KATs at Katelios have had their tyres (home) nicked!

It’s a shame. …. pity. … pity. …

Our kittens are asking for their refuge…..

Panagis Panteleios member of the club’s council, village, family man with obligations to his family, friends with all of us dedicated time, love, passion to build the above houses for stray kittens of our village…

I thank him so much because the first one he made already put it in my neighborhood.

I was happy about this and I adopted it…. it wasn’t two hours since it disappeared, the earth literally opened and swallowed it….

Because we have cameras in the neighborhood and we saw who removed it, let’s bring it before we expose him….

Panagis worked six hours. … my self went to Argostoli at VIPE in Gerasimos Mazaraki on purpose to bring the tires with his car and I was suffering….

He is in the will and good mood to create more structures in our village and is cut off its creativity…..

It’s a shame. ….. pity. ….. pity….

source – Πολιτιστικός σύλλογος Κατελειού-Μαρκοπούλου

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