Strict entry conditions for Kefalonia hospital

Following instructions from the Ministry of Health to reduce the planned operating theatres and of regular outpatient clinics, in the context of tackling the covid-19 pandemic,it is announced that in Cephalonia


1. At the external entrance (concierge), strict control of entering the hospital area,pedestrians and vehicles, after prior thermometry being completed patients will be directed to the hospital area correspondingly (general, pediatric, obstetric).
2. Visiting hours are prohibited throughout the 24-hour period.
3. Only one guest per patient is allowed to stay, if deemed necessary required by the attending physician, who will also sign the entry permit,
4.It is forbidden to park vehicles in the courtyard of Hospital, other than staff.
5. Any transaction with the outpatient office (schedule appointments, ticketing for dispensaries, etc.) it is carried out by an external door, without the need to enter it citizen in the main area of the hospital.
6. We remind you that the hospital is on call every day and remains at the disposal of citizens at any time, to address problems

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