Stricter measures for inconsistent – Feedback from government spokesman after his interview on SKAI


The government will do what is necessary to prevent the movement from being restricted, the government warns.

Restriction on the number and time of travel includes the tightening of measures coming within the next 24 hours to limit the spread of coronavirus , according to information coming from Maximou. In the same direction it was indeed what was said speaking to SKAI government spokesman Stelios Petsas , on Saturday morning, which made clear that tightening will be for inconsistent. Asked whether the closure of tolls in view of Easter is being considered, he reiterated that whatever is needed will be done so as not to circumvent travel restrictions.
Mr. Petsas confirmed that an 8-month extension of the protection of first home is being considered, always in consultation with European partners. Regarding taxation, the government spokesman said the policy of tax cuts and levies would continue as soon as the crisis was resolved. “Our goal is to deal with the health crisis with the least possible losses, to support the economy as long as the crisis lasts, and then to get out of this situation quickly,” he said.

Here are the highlights of Stelios Petsas’ interview:

Measures to restrict travel for the inconsistent

The tightening of the measures that are coming concerns the inconsistent, not the consistent. The consequences will not affect them in any way. So the restriction will have to do with two things: First, with the number of movements allowed. This is something we are looking at and will be decided in the next 24 hours. And secondly, with the possibility of a time limit on outings, that is, not to say that you go for exercise and be out of the house all day. Because we have to stay home.

Today, after the morning meetings we have every day with the financial staff and especially with the staff of the Ministry of Health, the Prime Minister will make his decisions. 

We have read and heard a lot, even about cases of partial traffic bans. There are no such issues. Travel outside the urban centers is prohibited. From the first moment we took the restrictive measures we said that if someone is in the province for some reason he has the right to return once to his place of residence. We can’t go to our village every weekend because the plumbing is supposed to be damaged. These are not done and will not be done. 

It is very important that we follow the advice of experts quickly. The government showed determination, took measures, which were strict and difficult, and took them quickly. The whole society, the vast majority of Greeks, responded with admirable composure and followed the measures. That is why the results, in terms of cases, the people who are in our hospitals and in the Intensive Care Units, even the victims – which unfortunately exist – are much less in Greece than in other countries. However, we must not be complacent, but continue to do so, always following the instructions of the experts. 

There are, however, a few who can create a disproportionately large problem by abusing travel opportunities. They didn’t go to the supermarket every day before the measurements, but once a week, maybe even more sparsely. Now why do they go three times a day? While, also, the Greeks were not so distinguished in physical exercise, we now see that some are constantly using this claim. That is, there is abuse by the few. 

For travel during the Easter period 

The Greeks have realized the criticality of the situation, they will not abuse it. And those few who try to do so will somehow be isolated. Because we really want most people, the vast majority of Greeks, not to feel like a fool. Is not. Follow the instructions of experts, stay at home to protect the health of people they love, but also society. We will do what is necessary so that there are no restrictions on the decisions that have been made.

Is it possible to discuss that he will change the tax office to which he belongs, in the midst of the coroner’s crisis to go to his village? These are funny things. Few do. And these few will be isolated. What matters, we all understand, is that the health crisis will be temporary. Let’s all make sure it ends as soon as possible. End the risk of a sharp peak that would lead to the images we see in other countries, where doctors are embarrassed to decide who lives and who dies. 

Easter is a celebration of Christianity and Hellenism. But this year is different. So let’s make sure we all follow the instructions of the experts and next year we are here to celebrate, as it should be, the customs of our tradition. This year we must avoid coloring. We tell citizens what is right and what needs to be done. And we hope that the vast majority listen to it and are ready to accept it.

To support the economy

We have a plan, which we have been developing all this time, which included March and April. If necessary, it will be extended in May. Some of the measures, which have to do with financing the economy and providing liquidity, extend even further, June and July. Therefore, we have taken steps to deal with the crisis properly. If they need to continue for many months, then it’s another matter. But there has never been a scenario of a reduction in pensions or salaries in the public sector. 

Our orientation is stable in reducing taxes and insurance charges, as a policy mix, which is more business-friendly, but also improves the lives of Greeks who demand more income. This will continue to unfold, as long as we overcome the crisis first. All our attention now is to deal with, with the least possible losses, the health crisis and to support the economy, so that we can quickly move upwards. So that the health crisis proves to be a temporary crisis in the economy and not a permanent scar.

For flexibility in the use of NSRF resources

The package we have announced includes measures of about 6.8 billion euros fiscal. Measures to boost liquidity are over 9 billion. Already yesterday, we had a great success, following the initiative of the Prime Minister and communication with the competent European Commissioner. We have achieved the maximum possible flexibility in the use of NSRF resources, which means that we can have leverage of the guarantees given by the State that reaches up to 7 billion.

We also have an expansion in the way we can use European Social Fund money this year, for example, to support the employment or money of the Regional Fund for our infrastructure. We therefore have the potential for financial instruments. What remains, at the Community level, is a broader debate that will end relatively soon in the use of common tools to address common problems, such as the bond or broad support from the ESM for all Member States.

To extend the protection of the first home

Extending the protection of the first home is something we look at from the outset. We will be able to make announcements in the near future. After all, the deadline is April 30. We are in consultation with our partners on this. Common problems require common solutions.

To support the unemployed

Regarding the unemployed: A community service program for 36,500 unemployed people in the Local Authorities is starting immediately. and in NPDD. And programs for another 100,000 unemployed follow in May. It is a big package of support for the unemployed until we overcome the crisis and the economy moves forward again.

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