Strike on ships – When ships are bound to ports

The Pan-Hellenic Navy Executive Committee (PNO) decided a pan-European strike on all categories of ships.

The strike will take place on Wednesday 3 July. The Federation has met today in an extraordinary session to examine the new proposal of coastal workers on collective bargaining agreements for cabin crews.

Shorts have proposed an increase of 2% in collective bargaining agreements since 1/6/2019, while shipbuilding officers have called for the repeal of Law 4150/2016 on reduced crews of Adriatic ship crews as well as the improvement of crew compositions in cabotage, as, as they themselves state, Law 4150/2013 reduced to 50% in the winter months the hotel staff.

It is noted that the previous collective agreement of seafarers on cabotage, which commenced on 1 January 2018 and expired on 31 December 2018, provided for a 2% increase in the monthly salaries of active officers and lower crew working on board passenger ships.

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