Strike paralyses country on Tuesday 24 September – Closed schools, transportation and more

The whole country will be on strike on Tuesday, September 24th. ADEDY will go ahead with a major 24-hour strike against the new development bill the government is bringing to parliament.

Citizens who use public transport for their commute will also face the hassle, while a traffic congestion is expected in Athens as ISAP trains will remain stationary, and buses and trolleys will not operate. Problems with ferry services, as ships will stay in ports.

At the same time, the Athens Workers’ Center is organizing a rally in Klafthmonos Square at 11:00 am against the new government bill. Schools will also remain closed as teachers and teachers go on a 24-hour strike . POEDIN and the media workers are still on a 24-hour strike.

What is impacted
ISAP trains, trolleys and buses will not operate, while ships will remain in ports as the 24-hour strike has been announced by the PNA. As for the subway (lines 2 and 3) and trams, decisions are expected. There will be no trains and no trains on Thursday, September 26th. TRAINOSE employees will have a 24-hour strike from 00:00 to 24:00. The company is expected to announce a cancellation of all train services, including the Athens Suburban Train.

Strike by the PNA
Specifically, the PNO decided to stage a 24-hour nationwide strike on all categories of ships on Tuesday 24 September from 6am until 6am the following day.

24 hour strike by ADEDY
A 24-hour nationwide strike on Tuesday, September 24, has been announced by the ADEDY Executive Committee, with a central demand for the withdrawal of the “anti-labour” development bill. At the same time, he notes that if the government insists on its promotion and voting, it will go on strike.

It also announced pan-Hellenic workplaces where it was deemed necessary by the unions on 19, 20 and 23 September 2019 “to hold general meetings of the unions to facilitate information, preparation and employee participation”.

As the ADEDY Executive Committee argues, “with this bill, the ND government promotes a kind of” development “that will not only benefit society and employees”.

Specifically, it states: “It is envisaged to create an electronic register of workers’ unions, electronic voting to strike, as well as to override the business over the sectoral collective agreement where the employer invokes the financial problems of the company. In essence, employer-government control and the file of unions and trade unions are attempted. The Bill designates the Minister of Labor as the supreme authority, to determine by ministerial decisions the trade union law and the statutes of the unions, to exceed them, as well as to determine how their decisions are to be taken. ”

Public Hospitals & Health Centers (POEDIN)
The Pan-Hellenic Federation of Public Hospital Workers (POEDIN) announced a 24-hour strike on Tuesday, September 24, 2019, in hospitals, EKAB, Health Centers and Welfare, requesting the withdrawal of the “development.”

ADEDY, the Federation of Hospital Doctors ‘Unions (OENGE), Workers’ Centers of the country and many other secondary trade unions have already made the decision to strike.

Athens Workforce Center (NRA)
The announcement of a 24-hour strike on Tuesday, September 24th against the new government bill, as well as a rally on the day of the strike at Klafthmonos Square at 11:00, was unanimously decided by the Workers’ Center (EK) board .

At the same time, as stated in a related announcement, the NRA BoD decided to hold a meeting with the member associations on Thursday, September 19, at 17:00, in the NRA building for better organization and coordination of mobilizations.

Teachers & Teachers
Educational federations invite kindergarten teachers and teachers to take part in the 24-hour strike declared by ADEDY on September 24th. A key demand, the ILO says, is the repeal of the bill. “The disarmament of the trade union movement makes it easier for the government to take action against workers and to curtail their labor rights. We will not allow this. Trade unions can regulate and safeguard their internal functioning on the basis of democratic and participatory processes that are decided by the decisions of their bodies, “the statement said.

OLME, for its part, calls the bill “anti-labor and anti-labor” and believes it “promotes a kind of” development “that will not only benefit society and workers”. It is recalled that, in addition to the call to participate in the strike, there will be no school lessons on September 27, as it is National Day of School Sport.

Journalists (Media Workers)
On Tuesday, September 24, media workers will take part in the public and private workers’ mobilizations against the New Democracy government’s development bill.

Specifically, the boards of the Associations of Associations in the Press and Media, at their meeting of 18/9/2019 and in the context of the 24-hour strike that the Federations and Labor Centers have announced on Tuesday, September 24, have decided to declare 3-hour workstation (12.00-15.00) on all public and private media.

As emphasised: “We are strongly opposed to all government-promoted interventions that thwart the Free Collective Bargaining Talks and severely degrade the position and rights of workers.”
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