Strong Issues raised Regarding Magnolia hotel in Katelios treatment of customers following Thomas Cook bankrupcy

The following comes from social media posts, we have not got feedback from Magnolia so this is a one sided story only at present but we hope to get some feedback soon to ensure we can present a balanced article.

It certainly at present appears to go against the ethos declared earlier this week in the Greek press where it was recognised the holiday makers were not to blame and had already paid for their holidays in Kefalonia.

It also appears to be a unique stance versus so much positive support other customers have received from hotels, representatives and even the contingency measures assisting them in returning to UK as close as possible to their original dates and airports.

WARNING – The Magnolia Resort . Katelios, Kefalonia , Greece.
The sad collapse of Thomas Cook is tragic and sad for everyone. But this hotel has treated us dreadfully
1. Made us pay double for our accommodation or we would be thrown out of the hotel.
2. Made an elderly lady leave the hotel because she wouldn’t pay.
3. Assaulted one guest because they got angry.
4. Made us pay double for superior room rates and then stopped the benefits.

I’m still not well enough to walk around Kefalonia looking for accommodation…. but that didn’t bother them. Please share this to highlight the disgusting behaviour of the management at this resort. This is the only hotel on Kefalonia to have treated its guests like this. Please name and shame.

We hope to be home and safe by Saturday.

         Source – FB post of Peter Dooley

We are also unaware if in this instance the customer is ATOL protected and has followed the process detailed on the  website.

Advice for customers

If your flight was part of a holiday booked with Thomas Cook we have specific advice regarding your accommodation.

If you are currently abroad on an ATOL protected package holiday with Thomas Cook or any company part of the Thomas Cook Group, the Civil Aviation Authority will seek to guarantee your stay directly with your hotel. If you are experiencing difficulties with your ATOL-protected hotel, or your hotel is requesting payment from you, please call our call centre on +44 1753 330 330.  Please note that it may take the CAA a few days to secure these arrangements.

While arrangements are being made, please do not make a payment to your hotel unless instructed otherwise by the CAA team. If our guarantee is not accepted by the accommodation provider, we may need to relocate you to another hotel for the duration of your stay. In these circumstances, the CAA will inform other suppliers, such as transfers, of the change to your accommodation and flight details.

If you are not ATOL protected, you are not entitled to make a claim for out of pocket expenses and additional nights of hotel accommodation under the ATOL scheme, but you may be able to claim from your travel insurer, bank or your credit card issuer.

Thomas Cook owned hotels

Thomas Cook owns and operates nine hotels. If you are on an ATOL protected package holiday with Thomas Cook or any company in the Thomas Cook Group, we may need to relocate you to another accommodation.

If your ATOL protection is provided by another company, please contact them for advice.

If you are not sure how to identify your travel company or whether you are ATOL protected, please see our advice on how to check if you are ATOL protected.

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