“From one mistake to another”

About two years ago, on 24/02/2017, we had publicly highlighted the state of affairs on palm trees in our city, and we had an open debate with all the parameters about how to deal with, but also the dilemmas that arise . We remind our fellow citizens that before we went out and placed in public, a meeting of our coordinator with agronomists and related professors had taken place, and we had communication with the officers of the Municipality of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni where they had to deal with success the insult of the palm trees from the red beetle.
Today we are facing a total change in the image of Argostoli. Image with which many generations of our country have grown for decades, as well as a picture that reminds us of Argostoli thousands of visitors who passed through our island. To summarize, the Municipality of Kefalonia bears wide-ranging signatures in this development, since it is in the management since 2010, and on the other hand it did not follow the steps needed to save the palm trees on time.
The following steps were to be followed: A. Removal of heavily infected trees and deep burial, B. Dropsurgery and C. Sprays controlled with approved biological preparations to avoid the aquifers and the air we breathe. The Kefalonia Municipality made some of the “B” and “C” steps, but it did not do anything at all from the first and most important of the removal and burial of the trees they had succumbed to. 
For the world to understand the picture, what the City did was something like spraying in a room to drive the mosquitoes while the window was open and out in the yard was a tree full of nests … Simple , it was supposed to have closed the “window” first!
At the point where we came, with the sole responsibility of the outgoing municipal authority, it is realistic to talk about replacing the palm trees as the problem probably arrived where it did not go any further. But even at this point, we are faced with new mistakes! Because the lesson was not a lesson! Instead of having a serious open debate with the participation of all society, the Municipal Authority of Paris has made its own decision and responsibility in a new mistake by ordering a new imported tree, the coconut tree …
The new mistake is very serious as it has extensions. On the one hand, the agronomists warn us that coconut trees are also vulnerable to the red beetle. Instead of resolving the problem on the occasion of the replacement, there is a new continuation … On the other hand, there are issues of folklore which leave the matter to the attention of those responsible. Finally, there is a strong dissatisfaction among our fellow citizens as there are beautiful endemic plants that should have been preferred (mercy with this xenomania) and of course they would not have cost us tens of thousands of euros, like cocoons, and would not have burdened already negative trade balance that produces deficits in our national economy …
But fine prints are all for the Municipal Authority of Paris, leaving behind it literally a bombed landscape. We hope and wish the next day of the local elections to find us with capable people in management who can design tomorrow, improve our daily lives and, above all, be people who will unite our society and not divide it. 
Argostoli, 7 February 2019 
For O.M. Kranais of SYRIZA 
The Coordinating Committee