Strong recommendation of the Kefalonia Fire Brigade to the citizens as fire seasons approaches

In the context of constant information and awareness of the citizens, the Fire Service of the Prefecture (DIPYN) of Kefallinia, reminds that the firefighting season in our country officially begins on May 1 and will last until October 31.

A strong recommendation to our fellow citizens:

  • Be especially careful and avoid any outdoor activity that could cause a fire
  • To consult the local Fire Services regarding the preventive measures and the daily risk of fire, in case of execution of rural works
  • To follow the information for the prevention of forest fires that are available on the website and in the official accounts of the Fire Brigade, on Facebook and on Twitter
  • Seek instructions for self-protection from the dangers of forest fires, on the website of the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection at the email address

Throughout the firefighting period, extensive additional controls will be carried out – patrols to avoid the start and spread of fires, but also to verify compliance with the MANDATORY fire protection measures, mainly in outdoor work. We point out that non-compliance with the above entails high administrative fines, as well as severe criminal penalties.

In case you notice a fire:

  • Call 199 or 112 IMMEDIATELY and give clear information about :
  • the location and exact location you are at
  • the exact point and direction of the fire
  • the intensity of the wind in the area and
  • the type of vegetation that burns
  • Immediately leave the area and follow the instructions of the competent authorities
  • Facilitate the access of the Fire Brigade

We emphasize that the protection of human life and our natural wealth is a matter for all of us !!!

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  • May 6, 2022 at 6:14 pm

    No more news reports since more than a week, you guys called it quits?


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