Stylianidis for bad weather “Ballos”: We are on alert, if we coordinate we can deal with the phenomenon, 112 to all citizens in impacted areas later

The Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Christos Stylianidis made an extraordinary briefing regarding the upcoming bad weather “Ballos”.

We remind you that a meeting was held earlier by the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection  Christos Stylianidis for the upcoming bad weather “Ballos” which is expected from tonight to sweep several areas of the country.

The goal of the ministry is prevention
“Through a thorough analysis of the data we have reached concrete conclusions to increase the country’s readiness,” said the Minister of Civil Protection, adding: “We want to act precautionarily not to wait for a flood to occur and just run.”

Thus Mr. Stylianidis referred to the actions taken by the central administration in collaborations with the local government. “We are acting precautionarily, the local authorities are called upon to immediately warn the citizens who live in areas where floods have occurred in the past to avoid underground, especially during the night.”

From Wednesday/Thursday night the weather phenomena
The minister said that with the current forecasts, there is a possibility of a strong storm during the night from Thursday, starting from the Ionian islands and western Greece.

In addition Mr. Stylianidis noted that 112 will be utilized. “Depending on the course and development of the phenomenon warning messages will be sent to residents by area.”

In the effort Armed Forces, Fire Brigade and EKAB
“In the logic of prevention, we will be ready with the help of the Armed Forces, the EKAB of the fire brigade, if there is a need to transport residents from areas where there may be serious floods,” the minister continued.

“I am not talking deliberately about preventive evacuations but we will constantly monitor the evolution of the phenomena and we will be ready to do everything,” said Mr. Stylianidis.

As he noted, all stakeholders must be in a state of increased readiness, so that the problems can be addressed immediately. “If a road is closed, it should be possible to open it in order to reach people who need help,” he said.

“All the forces of the Civil Protection, the Police, the Armed Forces, the Fire Brigade, EKAB will be on alert in the congested areas where a severe weather forecast is forecast,” he continued.

Single business centers for bad weather
From tonight single business centers will be created in the areas where there is a possibility of being affected according to the integrated system of actions “Dardanos”, the minister also explained.

“We are entering a new phase of special involvement of the armed forces in this coordination,” he added, adding that the army’s operational capability is valuable.

Call on citizens to be careful
“In view of the bad weather, we call on all citizens to be especially careful,” said Christos Stylianidis and reiterated the basic instructions in case of severe weather:

  • We avoid any unnecessary movement
  • We move to the highest points of the house and avoid staying in basements, semi-basements and ground floors.
  • We do not cross torrents, streams or flooded roads

“We are on alert, there is no issue of panic, but if we coordinate properly we can deal with the phenomenon,” the minister said in closing.

As of yesterday, the National Meteorological Service (EMY) has issued an emergency bulletin to worsen the weather in order for the country’s municipalities to better prepare for bad weather which will bring rain, storms, hail and low temperatures.

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