Suicide of 18-year-old girl who was raped in Zakynthos last Summer


Nightmares An 18-year-old British tourist from Zakynthos lived in Zakynthos last summer when he was raped . Less than three months later, unable to withstand her own thoughts and the fact that she will never be brought to justice, the young girl ended her life, sinking into her own mourning. Julie Crow was attacked twice on the island. The first – which was even double – occurred during her first night on August 16, when a man grabbed her and tried to kiss her and another tried to put his hand inside her pants, but she managed to escape .

Just two nights after they threw drugs at her, resulting in a rape, and then her nightmare began.

According to reports, there was a blond man, probably from Sweden, dancing with them in the club with the girls. As the night rolled on, this man put his thumb in Julie’s mouth and those around her suspected that she might have something to swallow with her.

The young girl began to be stunned and shortly after she said goodbye to her girlfriends and returned to the room to sleep. Julie met another young man outside her apartment, who invited her to his house, but she refused and went to sleep.

Her friends returned home later with some boys and tried to wake Julie to go to the pool together, but she was exhausted. Hours later, Julie opened her eyes and was shocked as she saw blood on her bed.

The young girl also brought bruises and bruises to her body, so she realized that “something terrible had happened to her,” but without knowing exactly what.

Julie’s mother, Anna, speaking to the Mirror, described the nightmare her daughter was experiencing: “Julie, who returned from Greece, operated on two different levels. In one operative and in a second in which he struggled to fill the memory gaps he had from rape. The counselor at her college warned us that she would need to be monitored by a specialist and that she was at a very vulnerable stage. ”

And she added that what tormented her the most was that, returning to her home country, she realized that it was too late to find the perpetrator.

“That’s exactly what tormented her. And she said she was haunted by the trauma and the thought of what had happened and that there would be no justice. He felt very helpless. ”

Julie’s 18-year-old mother said she made the decision to speak publicly about what happened to her child to warn other children, especially at the age of 18-20, where they are even more vulnerable.

“She didn’t want to hide what happened to her anymore and that’s why we’re talking publicly. Our goal is for parents and young people to be cautious and to know that there are outbreaks of attacks on young children out there. ”


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