Summer holidays likely to be cancelled due to coronavirus, says Matt Hancock

Summer holidays are likely to be cancelled this year, the health secretary warned, as he said the public need to prepare for the “reality of life” in a period of physical distancing.

Matt Hancock appeared on ITV’s This Morning just 24 hours after the government was severely criticised by the presenter Phillip Schofield for its messaging on how the country would leave the lockdown.

In their exchange, Hancock said it was “likely to be the case” that summer holidays were effectively cancelled.

“We will seek to reopen hospitality from early July if we keep successfully reducing the spread of this virus but I think social distancing of some kind is going to continue,” Hancock said.

“And the conclusion from that is that it’s unlikely big lavish international holidays are going to be possible for this summer. I just think that’s a reality of life.”

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Kefalonia Pulse footnote – It should be noted today is a day of mixed messages with UK government also suggesting there will be holidays in France, EU talking about holidays with countries with similar pandemic status, so until this is official government policy it is by no means the final decision.

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