Sunvil: More British Looking For Sophisticated and un-spoilt Greek Islands

Photo source: Pixabay

Britain’s Sunvil Tour Operator Sunvil finds a shift in Briton’s interest in holiday in lesser-known Greek islands this year, in a survey he conducted online searches per month in the first quarter of the year for the Greek islands by comparing the search levels by 2018 .

Searches for the whole of Greece show an increase of 476% compared to 2018, showing an average growth of 7.56% per island.

The 10 Greek islands that are the biggest increase in British searches this year are …

Kythira + 340%

Samos + 39%

Lemnos + 38%

Kythnos + 32%

Halki + 30%

Koufonisi + 25%

Milos + 23%

Meganisi + 22%

Tilos + 21%

Karpathos + 14%

Analyzing the volume of searches from January to March, in the years 2018 and 2019, Sunvil also found that searches for popular islands have declined, such as Zakynthos (-31%), Kefalonia (-21%) and even and Santorini (-12%).

These results show that Britons prefer more quiet and traditional holiday places with activities and experiences in Greek nature, while others may prefer more sophisticated destinations in the country as they may have recently learned about them.


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